WW II Letters home, August 26, 1940 and September 2, 1940

Post card post dated August 26, 1940

Mr. & Mrs. Rhoades
4011 North 30th St
Omaha, Nebr.

1:30 PM, Sunday
Dear Folks was in Town yesterday and picked up this card Is raining here steady since 4 P.M. yesterday. Blues are our uniform now do we look classy. Stood 4 hrs guard in rain this morn. and 4 more 8-12 tonight We are (illegible – may be guard) Company
Love Kenney more later

Letter post dated September 2, 1940

Note: The envelope was ripped open from the side and ripped part of the pages. The parts that are torn off are missing one or more letter hence the (?) in the transcript.

Mr. K.W. Rhoades
203 Patterson Bldg
Omaha Nebr.
“Answered 9/4/40” – probably written by Ken Sr.

Dear Dad, Just got back from my leave we can have another one over Labor Day if we want to but Ive got to much to do, clothes to wash and roll, letters to write and so forth. I had a swell time in Chi, got in there about 6 P.M. Friday went to Riverview park until about 11 P.M. (I and two buddies) then looked Chi over by riding the L. around town for about two hours over the (?)oop and soforth. It sure is a sparkling town at night by the lights you see. We then went to the Y.M.C.A. got a nice room for 75c and slept till (?) A.M. Saturday morning we went to a show and after the show walked around the main part of Chi, anyway we guessed it was the main part as it was where the biggest buildings were, and none of us had ever been in Chi before we were pretty proud of the fact we never got lost. Say what is the matter with you why cant you write to me have I said something to make you mad Dad I have so many letters to write I am going to close now. Won’t be long till I get home now please let mom read this two. I will send a couple of picture post cards to. Please write
Your loving son