WW II Letters home, September 2, 1940

Letter post dated September 4, 1940

Mr. K.W. Rhoades
203 Patterson Bldg
Omaha Nebr

Monday Sept 2

Dear Folks

Well here it is Labor day a holiday and we don’t have to do any work but Ive got plenty to do, letters to write, clothes to wash and roll and study for our final test tomorrow I told most everything I did on liberty in dads letter so won’t repeat myself Thanks for the buck. Well school will start Monday won’t it, is Dick and Ester glad or sorry there vacation is over. We get a turkey dinner today and I think we each get a pack of cigs1. I won’t be long till I get home now just a little over 3 weeks, then I will come back and wait orders in the out going unit I understand we will be sent to either San Diego or the Asiatic fleet in South America I am going to try and get on an aircraft carrier and strike for machinist mate I was about 5 points to low to make trade school as my average in trade school test was 70% and it had to be 75% I don’t feel bad tho because I believe dads advice about going to the fleet first is best altho I could have got rated sooner by going to school. Has Dick got the Chev.2 running yet, Is he fixing it himself or having it done tell him to have it in good running condition when I get back and we will go out together. I got my P.O. stripes3 the other day and am sending my promotion slip home for you to keep if you like, am also sending a picture I had taken in Chi4 it is pretty lousy but figured you might appreciate having it. How is business going Dad hope it is picking up don’t forget to send me a letter dad I would like to hear from you once in a while to write and enclose it with mothers if you like Mom is having a birthday pretty soon now isn’t she well watch for a package about the first of next week I hope you like it and don’t forget it better be out where I can see it when I get home. Well I can’t think of any more so will close now expect to hear from all of you soon think I will write Mrs. Whitlock a letter to.
Your loving son (Gob)5

1 Cigarettes
2 Chevrolet (car)
3 Petty Officer stripes
4 Chicago, Illinois
5 Gob, noun: slang for U.S. Navy sailor