WW II Letters home, November 26, 1940

Letter post dated 26 November 1940
Kenney Rhoades
U.S.S. Colorado Box 14

Mr. & Mrs. K.W. Rhoades & Family
4011 North 30th Str
Omaha Nebr.

Monday ]Nov 25?] 4 PM

Dearest Folks,

Well here I am with some news last Saturday A.M. I rated liberty and decided to look up Benney, went over to the Huges(?) which is now docked just across from us and there he was bending over a Typewriter. I punched him in the back and be turned around and said ____”, then what ship are you on.” I said the Colorado and he said the hell you are. It seems he sent me a letter which I didn’t get till this morning for some reason, he also came over here and asked for me but they couldn’t find my name in the exects. office. He wanted me to come over for Thanksgiving. Anyway I went home with him and spent the weekend. We had a swell time and they were really swell to me, fixed me up with some clothes to wear and everything, we went to the show Sat night. had a big turkey dinner Sunday It was really swell. His mother in law ask that I remember her to dad, Mrs. father is very sick and not elected to live long. Benney said to tell dad he was very busy but will answer his letter as soon as possible he is pulling out the 3rd of Dec. I got your Thanksgiving note Sat Morn, but what was the idea of the kiddie gram. Dick Im sorry to hear about the car but I think it must be the block and you can get that fixed I believe. Well I can’t think of anymore write soon with lots of love to you all.


NOTE:  the “…and said ____” is as Kenney wrote it.  I take it to mean an expletive that he didn’t want to record in a letter to his parents. Also, Benney’s mother-in-law was not identified, Kenney stopped at “Mrs.”  Does anyone know who Benney was?

BB-45 U.S.S. Colorado, image obtained from Ibiblio.org