WW II Letters home, January 3, 1941

Kenny’s letters started to get a little longer than before. This one was two pages, written on both front and back sides of each page, covering the entire page.

Envelope post dated January 4, 1941

Kenney Rhoades
Long Beach Calif.
Box 14

Mr. & Mrs. K.W. Rhoades & family
4011 North 30 St
Omaha, Nebraska

January 3 [1941]

Dear Folks,

Well here I am again, it’s now 1941. Did you all have a happy New Year? I started mine off with a bang. I had the first watch in the New Year, 12 till 4 on the […???… (line illegible)] Colorado has been predicted to be sunk in 1941 by the same fellow who predicted the sinking of the Squaliss1.

My letters will be getting kind of scarce now for a while, you see we are pulling out of here Monday and will be out all week until the weekend with the same schedule the following week. Then the next week (January 20) we are shoving off for Honolulu and will get there about the 26th. We will be over there for about four months, I guess. I will send you all some kind of souvenir from there. I’m kind of anxious to see what it is like, but all the fellows who have been there hate to go back, I guess. From what they all say, it sure is a hell hole.

Well what did you think of the Rose Bowl game? Nebraska sure put up quite a fight didn’t they? It was played only about fifty miles from here. If I could have gotten liberty I would have seen it. I got two letters from mom this last week, one from Dick, but none from dad.

Footage can be found at the Pac-12 website.

Yes, Dick, that was a pretty long letter for you to write but it pleased me greatly as I like long letters much better than short ones. Glad to hear you are getting along so good at the store. 

Yes, mom, B said she ate lunch with you, and that you discussed me mostly. Was it for the better or worse? I was glad to hear Santa Clause treated you all so good, I wish I could have done better for you than I did. Hellene sure didn’t get slighted did she? 

I am sending this letter in a ships envelope as you have noticed, I thought you might like it, and could put it in the scrap book.

Well, I’m still gaining weight. I weigh 160, not bad. It sure has been swell summer weather here for the last week, it was so warm on top side yesterday, I got a sunburn on one arm. We got paid today and I loaned all of mine (excepting a few dollars to hold me over till next payday) to one of the first class [sailors] in our Division. He is good pay and a 4.0 buddy, he has helped me out often so I’m not at all worried about getting paid. He just bought a new car a couple of months ago and is getting an insurance policy on it so was a little short.

So you didn’t have a white Christmas after all? Well, I’m glad the weather was enjoyable. Will one of you send me Aunt Adaline’s address as I might write her a letter? No, Mother, I haven’t any suggestions on a gift for B’s graduation. I sent an order ashore with one of my shipmates today for an orchid corsage, which will reach her on the day of the senior banquet. It cost me only $4 and covered packing and sending it. The Florist guaranteed it would reach her in perfect condition and on the right day. That ought to tickle her pink, I hope.

Well, I can’t think of any more so guess I will close. Let me hear from all of you soon, will you? Just keep sending my mail to Post Master Long Beach


  1. I tried and tried, but just could not find anything on a man predicting the sinking of the USS Colorado or a ship named Squallis.