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Another branch of my husband’s paternal line is Batey. My father-in-law asked me what I could find out about his great-grandfather Philip Batey. He gave me the start of my research with his grandmother, Sarah Batey.

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I started by gathering records for known events in her life. She was the wife of Hugh Coomer, whom she married in December 1886. She died on 7 February 1958 in Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky and a modern death certificate is on file for her at the courthouse. This certificate was filed by her son, Charles, who records her birth date as 22 August 1867 and confirms her parents’ names, Philip Batey and Mary Frances Dugan. Charles’s sister, Lelia Coomer Lytle, also named Philip and Mary as Sarah’s parents in her bible (in the possession of the Coomer family).

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Sarah is buried in Bellevue Cemetery in Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky with numerous other Coomer’s, to include her husband, Charles. No record of birth has been found but it is believed she was born in Boyle County.

Sarah and Hugh’s headstone at Bellevue Cemetery, Danville, KY
The Batey family section of Bellevue Cemetery in Danville, Kentucky. Lucille Coomer was Sarah’s daughter.

This is pretty straight forward thus far. We know her celebrated birth date, death date, parents’ names, and where she lived most of her life. Additionally we know who her children and grandchildren are, but we want to know more about Philip and Mary Batey.

But before we begin our journey, I want to know more about Sarah from a genealogical perspective. My in-laws tell me there are other Batey’s buried in Bellevue. They are Philip, Mary, Nathaniel, and William Frank. Philip and Mary are Sarah’s parents. Nathaniel and William are her brothers. These are well-known members of the Batey family by living descendants in Danville. Another known relative was Sarah’s uncle, Squire, who was known to travel around in a goat cart as a result of under-developed legs. Sarah’s daughter recorded Sarah’s death and also recorded Philip and Mary as Sarah’s parents.

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All of these people will play a part in keeping genealogical research on track.

Genealogical Summary:

Sarah Catherine Batey was born 22 August 1867, probably in Boyle County, Kentucky. She was the second child of Philip Batey of Virginia and Mary Dugan of Kentucky.

Sarah married Hugh Coomer, the son of Edward Coomer and Darthulia Tarter, on 22 December 1886 in Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky where they remained and raised their family. She died 7 February 1958 in Danville and is buried in Bellevue Cemetery.

Sarah and Charles had the following children:

  1. Eugene Coomer
  2. Lelia Comer Lytle
  3. Lucille Coomer (buried with the Batey’s)
  4. Hugh Coomer
  5. Guy Wiseman Coomer
  6. Bessie Mae Coomer
  7. Carl Coomer
  8. Charles Francis Coomer

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