WW II letters home, May 30, 1941

Envelope post dated June 2, 1941

Mr. & Mrs. K.W. Rhoades
4011 North 30 Street
Omaha, Nebraska

Kenney Rhoades
U.S.S. Colorado
Honolulu T.H.
Pearl Harbor
Box 14

Friday, May 30, [1941] (Memorial Day)

Dear Folks,

Just a few lines to let you know I’m still here and that everything is O.K., as there isn’t much more to say.  I wrote a letter to you the other day, but am rewriting it here, because there was a little information about us that is not being allowed out.  Our mail is liable to be censored now and we have been cautioned not to write anything about the ship, so ask me no questions.  There is no need for worry.

The U.S.S. Colorado participated in Fleet Exercise (Problem) XXI prior to heading to Puget Sound in June 1941 for overhaul. The scenario of this particular exercise involved the probability of an Asiatic attack from across the Pacific Ocean. Source: Pearl Harbor Visitor’s Bureau. CORRECTION: I got my years mixed up. Fleet Problem XXI occurred in 1940. The exercises in 1941 were separate from Fleet Problems 1-21.

So, Bill is home again, that luck pot.  Beginning to get warm back there is it its (sic) getting warmer here to.  I went on another beer party Wend.  Had a swell time.  Did more swimming than anything.  So, Dad and Dick are going to take me for a trimming in bowling?  Well, it won’t surprise me as I [am] not so hot. 

I’m glad you liked your box, Mom.  It wasn’t much but was the best I could do. 

As for a camera, we aren’t allowed to have any aboard ship or on any government property.  Well you should have the album by now.  How do you like it?  We took four more rolls of film on our beer party and I will send them to you as soon as they are printed. 

I will be eligible for 1c four months from the time I made 2nd (May 1st) but have already got my courses and am going to try and go up in July.  Then if there should be an opening I might get rated 2 months ahead of time.  It won’t hurt me any anyhow. 

Well, Babe, how do you like your sand pile?  Well I guess this is all the news.

Love and best wishes to all


Here is a clipping I thought dad might like to see.

Clipping sent with the letter. The newspaper is unknown, but confirmed not to be the Honolulu Advertiser or Honolulu Star-Bulletin – both of which had publications on May 29, 1941. It’s possible this was from a Navy newspaper.