WW II letters home, June 22, 1941

Envelope post dated June 23, 1941

Kenney’s letters were starting to get sparse. He was writing 3 or 4 letters a month, and then dropped to one letter a month. But his themes and tone always hold.

Letter written on letterhead with the header UNITED STATES PACIFIC FLEET BATTLESHIPS, BATTLE FORCE, U. S. S. COLORADO

Mr. & Mrs. K.W. Rhoades & Family
4011 North 30 Street
Omaha, Nebraska

June 22, 1941

Dear Folks,

Well, here I am again still in Pearl Harbor.  You see, we have been delayed three weeks.  We leave here Wend. and go out cruising around and finally end up in Long Beach about July 10.  I don’t imagine you will hear from me anymore until then, so don’t worry.  I will either drop you a line or wire as soon as we get back. 

Well, I’m 20 years old today, but don’t feel any older as far as that goes.  Thanks for the swell card and money, I got it Friday.  I celebrated yesterday, being I had the duty today, by going to Camp Andrews (Navy Recreation Camp) for an overnight liberty.  Did lots of ocean swimming, played basketball, had a dance last night and drank some beer.  All in all had a swell time, got back about noon today.

Kenney wrote several times about recreation camps in Hawaii. He mentioned it last in his April 26 letter and identified it as Nanakuli Beach near Camp Andrews.

From the dope that is out now, the Engineer force won’t get any leave in the Navy Yard as there is too much to be done, they might be able to give us five days in Long Beach, but that wouldn’t do any good either, so don’t count too much on my getting home. 

We will be in the yard from 1st of Aug. till around the end of November.  There might be leave after our yard period.  Wow, wouldn’t it be nice if I were to get home around Christmas?  Well that is about all so guess I will close.

Love and best wishes to all,


Thanks again for the birthday gifts.