WW II letters home, July 10, 1941

Life has just really picked up for me. It shouldn’t last to much longer and then I can get back into my weekly routine. The next few posts will be me catching up on letters home and getting us back on track to September.

Envelope postdated 11 July 1941

Mr. and Mrs. K.W. Rhoades
4011 North 30 Street
Omaha, Nebraska

Thursday, July 10

Dear Folks,

Well at last, here I am again.  We are in Long Beach.  Just got in at 10:30 this morning.  It is now 4 pm.  I just work up from a nap for mail call. 

Got your letter where you all wished me a happy birthday and sent clippings about the O-8, thanks.  Also got letter from Dick telling of new job, good for you, Dick.  That new car idea sounds pretty good if you can afford it.  I’m sure the old one is costing a fortune. 

Well, we had a swell trip over but sure was a long one.  We have been to sea for 16 days and it was the longest 16 days any of us ever spent. 

1941 Navy Enlisted Dress Blues from Jason/navycollector at War Relics forum.

I don’t rate liberty until tomorrow.  There are only our battleship and two cruisers here so liberty should be good.  Those old Blues sure look swell, but we all freeze easily now.  About one fourth of the crew have colds from the quick change in temp. 

I guess I am going to get five days leave.  That is all they are giving out here and as it isn’t enough to come home on, will go either up to San Bernardino with a friend of mine who lives there or maybe go look over some other California city, as Hollywood.  I have a little money on the books that I have been saving for the occasion. 

Well this is about all the news.  Will write again Saturday or Sunday.  Write me soon.  Wish loads of love to all.


The exercises (Fleet Exercise (Problem) XXI) were over and the U.S.S. Colorado was sent to Puget Sound for overhauls that were scheduled for June to October 1941. However, according to Kenney’s letters, it looks like they made a stopover in Long Beach first.