A Short Note

Well…life appears to be trying to return to normal. Work has gotten in the way of my research. It seems my job is good at causing me to lose momentum and forget where I left off in research. 

This week has been about resettling into a work-from-home routine. You know, meal planning, cleaning, laundry, unpacking, snuggling with my pups; re-establishing my domestic routines. In my downtime, I am reading history. Trying to match up ancestors’ recollections to actual historical facts.

Why do I do this?

Because our ancestor’s memories, like ours, were faulty. They told stories years after the events occurred and they often didn’t give dates. Dates that could be important for establishing arrival and departure dates so that I can narrow down a focus for records research. Oftentimes, genealogy research requires perspectives on history. These perspectives also help dispel or prove family lore or clean up those confusing passages in the stories that are vague.

Sometimes, all I have are records with dates. What was happening locally, nationally, and internationally that may have been impacting the lives of our ancestors? These events may have been direct or indirect driving forces behind their career changes, volunteering for military services, or moving. History also helps paint a picture of daily life.

I also read history because I like history. I contemplated once (briefly) about becoming an archeologist or a historian. I have settled on keeping my passion as a hobby through genealogy.

Stay tuned…