Genealogy Feast over Famine

Originally, I thought to title this post as “The Genealogy Luck Pile.” But, I am not sure if I can call this luck really. To other genealogist or family historians this would be consider a Jackpot. But are they really?

I’m excited, please don’t misunderstand. It has become time to help some Coomer relatives clean out old storage. And we have been trying to be very conservative with what is thrown out. My fellow sorters and I came across a lot of family ephemera, which we expected to find. We just didn’t realize how much we would find, I think. As the family historian of the sorting trio, I eagerly offered to sort, catalog, scan, and preserve what I could.

Wow. What was I thinking?

I have spent about a week now scanning and digitally sorting that which is most in need of proper archiving (in my spare time, I still work, ya-know?). I have also placed the most delicate and valuable paper items in protective acid free sleeves for preservation. I have done this for much of the Rhoades collection in the possession of my Uncle, but the Coomer’s have got a much larger collection to go through. Gypsies vs. Community Pillars and all.

I have been able to ship off some goodies to another Coomer relative (a fellow genealogist). The goodies being grade school homework assignments by their father (still living) and she can’t wait to get it. The scanning portion of the first batch of this project is now complete and I am applying comprehensive file names, and sorting the digital files into a categorized collection for easy perusing and sharing.

All of that being said. There is not much progress that has been made on research or WikiTree (but still some slow progress). And thus the title of Genealogy Feast over Famine. It seemed like things were slowing down enough for me to roll up my sleeves and tackle some citation organization. Then I submitted three DNA tests at the same time (still analyzing and making sense of the matches). And now I have this added project that has just got my head-a-spinning!

And there is yet more still in storage. Enough to keep me busy on genealogy into next year.

I love it.

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