Catherine Arthurs

Who was Catherine Arthurs? She is one of my newest brick walls. For many years I only had her as Catherine Unk, wife of Henry Rhoads/Roth. But I started to pull the strings on her other children (siblings of John Rhoads) and found a death certificate for Deliah (Delilah) Hilterbran (the same Delilah Coder mentioned … Continue reading Catherine Arthurs

Henry Rhoads

I have been able to look closely at our Y-DNA match from FTDNA and feel comfortable with continuing in my assertion that John Rhoads and Mary Wiegle came from Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania and are of German-Lutheran lineage.  I propose that John Rhoads is the son of Henry Rhoads and Catherine Arthurs of Smithton, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Bear with me as … Continue reading Henry Rhoads