Margaret Russell Cobe

Here I am again…switching gears.  This week, I am in search of my Russell kin.   Margaret Russell married Richard Cobe Jr. on 10 October 1867 in Paulding County, Ohio by a Justice of the Peace. Scant records narrow down her birth date to two probabilities; 1) 8 March 1852 or 2) 9 December 1849.  It’s hard to decide … Continue reading Margaret Russell Cobe

Piecing together Eleanor Jane Newell Stockford

Dearest family.  I worry that the mechanics of genealogy bore you despite my excitement at being able to extend another line just a little bit further.  So, the first part of this post will be to tell the story of Eleanor Cobe's grandmother, Eleanor Jane Newell, and I hope it is interesting.  Then I will end it with … Continue reading Piecing together Eleanor Jane Newell Stockford