Welcome to my little project

Family history is meant to be shared, especially with our siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews. This blog is dedicated to the ancestors who left traces of their lives for us to find and share.

An interactive Rhoades family trees is available to view here, but it is a password protected website that I wish only to share with immediate family. If you are a member of my immediate family and you do not already have the password, please call or e-mail me.

I am happy to share my source citations and answer any questions about internal family lore, items in the family’s private collection, or collaboration on allied lines. Just reach out to me via the Contact link.

Genealogy Feast over Famine

Originally, I thought to title this post as “The Genealogy Luck Pile.” But, I am not sure if I can call this luck really. To other genealogist or family historians this would be consider a Jackpot. But are they really? I’m excited, please don’t misunderstand. It has become time to help some Coomer relatives clean … Continue reading Genealogy Feast over Famine

Rhoades WikiTree Dilemma

While in the process of pouring over my new Coomer DNA test results, I paused to catch up on some blog reading by other bloggers – on the topic of Genealogy of course…what else is there, right? Anyway…I came across a most interesting article that introduced me to WikiTree.com (thank you, Anne Young!). Distraction accomplished. … Continue reading Rhoades WikiTree Dilemma