One thing that seems to be a tradition in my family is facial hair. We come from a long line of bearded or mustached gentlemen. Not all of them were bearded, of course. But my father is a bearded man and, as a result, I have an affinity for beards. Even my husband sports a … Continue reading Bearded

Unexpected – The Old Man’s Secrets

52 Ancestors

Here's a little gossip for the family. A little something I didn't know when I wrote Daniel's original article. He and Rosetta were married a year later than we thought. Daniel and Rosetta met through his involvement in the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR). Rosetta's second husband, George Crum, was a Civil War veteran … Continue reading Unexpected – The Old Man’s Secrets

Daniel Rhoads

I started the Rhoades research with Daniel John Rhoads.  He is my 2xGreat-grandfather.  In the possession of my Uncle is a box with a treasure trove of family documents and artifacts.  Among these artifacts was Daniel’s funeral cards.  There were two different versions, one for a funeral held in Omaha, Nebraska where he died at … Continue reading Daniel Rhoads