Middle – A Stockford DNA update

52 Ancestors

In the middle of reviewing my Stockford article before publishing it, I realized I goofed. At one point, I lamented that we had no DNA connections to the Stockford line, but I was wrong. I made a rookie mistake. Before ThruLinesTM, even before AncestryDNA®, I got into the habit of keeping separate little trees. My … Continue reading Middle – A Stockford DNA update

Joseph Stockford

I hope you are starting to notice a pattern with female ancestors. Unless their maiden name is known, you just can't proceed to learn anything more about them. There are so many of our female ancestors in my records whose only information I have is "Mary ____, born about 18##." I was tickled to confirm … Continue reading Joseph Stockford

Mary Stockford

Eleanore Cobe's mother was Mary Stockford.  As with Rosetta Johnson, we knew her by several surnames, Pohlman, Stockford, and of course Cobe.  We also knew she had a sister, Hattie, who lived with them in Ohio and also followed Emmett Cobe to Harbor Springs, Michigan.  Much of what we knew about Mary and Hattie was … Continue reading Mary Stockford