Creatively Recreating Margaret

My Uncle expressed a desire to know more about Margaret Russell, wife of Richard Cobe Jr. So this weekend I am trying my hand at creative non-fictional writing. I had to make some assumptions to tie in some connections. I also had to insert a little of my personality into that of Margaret's. Life is … Continue reading Creatively Recreating Margaret

The Long Break

It has been quite a while since my last post.  Life suddenly went into overdrive.  Blogging took the hit. Unfortunately, my schedule has also prevented me from doing any new genealogy research.  Until now. Ok, not research, but a genealogically related visit. My aunt put me in contact with my 1st cousin, once removed, who … Continue reading The Long Break

Pulling the String – Ebenezer Russell and Malinda Hand

I may have misspoken when I stated in my previous post that Margaret came from an upstanding family.  No evidence to the contrary, but I did base my statement on her deeper heritage.  The deeper I dig into her parents, the more I regret being so bold in my assertion.  While I am confident that Ebenezer Russell and … Continue reading Pulling the String – Ebenezer Russell and Malinda Hand