The Cobe Dilemma

So, I haven’t really been working too hard to pin down the Cobe's exact origins in Ireland. Mostly because I am just at a loss. So, I joined a British Isle’s Facebook group and made an inquiry to see if there were any other Irish Cobe researchers across the pond (I’m that desperate, I’m down … Continue reading The Cobe Dilemma

Therapy in Writing

This is a post that is mostly not genealogical.  It will be the hardest article I have ever written.  And I am doing it for my own therapy so bear with me.  You don’t have to read it. My grandfather and his younger brother, with their dog c. 1930s I occasionally come across family history prompts involving the … Continue reading Therapy in Writing

Letters Home – Russell Islands 1943

Upon returning to the Pacific, the USS Massachusetts, powered by Fireman First Class Kenney Rhoades (and others) took part in more training while the U.S. beefed up her defensive strategy and finalized plans to transition to an offensive-defensive phase.  There are indications that Kenney did write more letters during these months, but these have been lost … Continue reading Letters Home – Russell Islands 1943