An Ode to Father

It is Father’s day weekend! What better way to pay homage to my father than to post memories as written by him. The following is an abbreviated autobiography written by my father and slightly edited by me for blogging purposes. He grew up in a small South Dakota village; a place that he’s been known … Continue reading An Ode to Father

Letters Home – Russell Islands 1943

Upon returning to the Pacific, the USS Massachusetts, powered by Fireman First Class Kenney Rhoades (and others) took part in more training while the U.S. beefed up her defensive strategy and finalized plans to transition to an offensive-defensive phase.  There are indications that Kenney did write more letters during these months, but these have been lost … Continue reading Letters Home – Russell Islands 1943

William Wigle – A Change in Direction

It’s funny how genealogy research progresses.  In the case of Mary’s likely father, Jacob, I had little to go on with readily accessible records.  However, due to the lack of other Wigle candidates living in South Huntingdon who were socially near John and his father, Henry, we can make a reasonable leap to Jacob.  The connection was cinched … Continue reading William Wigle – A Change in Direction