Joseph Prewett, part 2

So, I consulted early tax records for Washington County and I looked for Joseph’s in all of Kentucky’s counties prior to 1830 in census and published histories, genealogies, and transcribed records by the DAR.  And here is what it uncovered… I reached 11 possible candidates, at least two pairs may be the same men in … Continue reading Joseph Prewett, part 2

Joseph Prewett – Where Are You?

Time flies when you're stumped. I’ve finally decided it’s time to set aside my family’s research for a short spell. I have lost my focus and am just spinning in circles. So, I turned my attention back to my husband’s family. I think I’ve mentioned before that my mother-in-law is also a hobby genealogist. She … Continue reading Joseph Prewett – Where Are You?

Will the correct James Coomer please stand up?

UPDATE: It's amazing what can change in just a few days. After posting this my father-in-law's Y-DNA (37) results came in and he has three confirmed (genealogically) matches to descendants of William Coomer and Sukea Beasley from Stokes County, North Carolina! All three matches descend from three different sons of William and Sukea - bonus. … Continue reading Will the correct James Coomer please stand up?

The Carpenters of Carpenter’s Station (extended)

My father-in-law recently asked me if his Carpenter ancestor was related to the same family who founded Carpenter’s Station, Kentucky.  So, my next genealogy question is, was Mary M Carpenter, wife of Woodson Ellis, descended from the three Carpenter brothers who founded Carpenter’s Station? There is frustratingly few records available for this timeframe in Kentucky. The … Continue reading The Carpenters of Carpenter’s Station (extended)