Will the correct James Coomer please stand up?

UPDATE: It's amazing what can change in just a few days. After posting this my father-in-law's Y-DNA (37) results came in and he has three confirmed (genealogically) matches to descendants of William Coomer and Sukea Beasley from Stokes County, North Carolina! All three matches descend from three different sons of William and Sukea - bonus. … Continue reading Will the correct James Coomer please stand up?

Fishing in Salt Lake

So…I went fishing. I was hoping to catch a big fish or two. I had a methodical laundry list of non-digitized books and microfilms as bait for big fish. And what did I catch? Nothing. Yes, my trip to Salt Lake City was a bust. About the only thing I accomplished was validating that my … Continue reading Fishing in Salt Lake

Edward Coomer

I used my husband’s family to write a paper for my Genealogical College Certificate which I share here today for other Coomer researchers. There are many issues surrounding Edward, so this may be a multi-part topic. Coomer research is purely speculative and I have a lot of references that are not cited on this blog. … Continue reading Edward Coomer