Coomer: New Lessons Learned in DNA

Right to the point…don’t submit more than 1 test at a time. So, here’s what happened to me this past week. I’ve come to my wit's end on the brick walls surrounding Edward Coomer and Darthulia Tarter. My sister-in-law bought DNA tests some years ago for her parents and I decided it was time to … Continue reading Coomer: New Lessons Learned in DNA

Possible Relations of Edward Coomer

I have been attempting to methodically piece together how all these Kentucky Coomer's may be related.  Edward is still an enigma for me, and his proposed familial connections are equally exacerbating. In my first post for Edward, I identified a known brother and a possible brother.   1. Andrew Coomer, husband of Elizabeth Tarter, is … Continue reading Possible Relations of Edward Coomer

Edward Coomer

I used my husband’s family to write a paper for my Genealogical College Certificate which I share here today for other Coomer researchers. There are many issues surrounding Edward, so this may be a multi-part topic. Coomer research is purely speculative and I have a lot of references that are not cited on this blog. … Continue reading Edward Coomer