Fishing in Salt Lake

So…I went fishing. I was hoping to catch a big fish or two. I had a methodical laundry list of non-digitized books and microfilms as bait for big fish. And what did I catch? Nothing. Yes, my trip to Salt Lake City was a bust. About the only thing I accomplished was validating that my … Continue reading Fishing in Salt Lake

Coomer: New Lessons Learned in DNA

Right to the point…don’t submit more than 1 test at a time. So, here’s what happened to me this past week. I’ve come to my wit's end on the brick walls surrounding Edward Coomer and Darthulia Tarter. My sister-in-law bought DNA tests some years ago for her parents and I decided it was time to … Continue reading Coomer: New Lessons Learned in DNA

Edward Coomer

I used my husband’s family to write a paper for my Genealogical College Certificate which I share here today for other Coomer researchers. There are many issues surrounding Edward, so this may be a multi-part topic. Coomer research is purely speculative and I have a lot of references that are not cited on this blog. … Continue reading Edward Coomer