1950 U.S. Federal Census

I have not been a good writer these past few weeks. It seems life got away from me a little. There have been a lot of articles written in the past few months on the April 1 release of the 1950 U.S. Federal Census. Honestly, I wasn't planning on writing anything about it. I was … Continue reading 1950 U.S. Federal Census

Life in Prussia: A Kucks Story

Time flies when you have too much to do. Between starting a new home remodel project, helping two friends establish lineage to their Revolutionary Patriot, work, and warming weather (yard work, yard work, yard work), it is difficult to make much progress on the genealogical front. I continue to work through my Jacob Roth to … Continue reading Life in Prussia: A Kucks Story

The Schröder Sisters – a Kücks Update

Note:  I have intentionally continued to use the spelling of Ollerrich for the elder and Ohlrich for the younger to help the reader differentiate between which one I am referring to.  The alternate spellings are provided for each family member to help tie them to the typical spelling used in Iowa.  The spelling for Eckhoff is based on … Continue reading The Schröder Sisters – a Kücks Update