William Batey and Catherine Minton

Let's see...where was I with the Batey's, right, I left off with Philip Batey while I validated a few things on his parents. Philip Batey's death certificate was issued in New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana and named his parents as William Batey and Catherine "Mintin" (sometimes spelled Katherine). Squire was key in identifying the correct … Continue reading William Batey and Catherine Minton

Large – In life and in death

52 Ancestors

The Cobe's had an escaped convict who has never been foundThe Alecks immigrant ancestor is forever known for his calculated industriousness.The DeJean's fled a bloody revolution straight out of a Charles Dickens novel.The Coomer's started one of the oldest continuously family run local businesses. Each of these families had a family member who had a … Continue reading Large – In life and in death