Jacob Roth

The last time I wrote about our Rhoades line, I covered John "Henry" Rhodes who came to Westmoreland County from Bucks County with his entire family (adult and minor children). I have also teased a little about how I connected him to Bucks county in additional miscellaneous. posts discussing the use of DNA in Genealogy … Continue reading Jacob Roth

Marian Tucker’s Foster Family

While I mull over how to proceed with my Kuck’s in Germany, I decided to revisit Marian Tucker DeJean (note: I have made some updates her original article).  She is one of my brick walls and was apparently Myrle Gage Grimes’ as well. When I wrote about Marian originally, I had not noticed a note in … Continue reading Marian Tucker’s Foster Family

A Short Note

Well...life appears to be trying to return to normal. Work has gotten in the way of my research. It seems my job is good at causing me to lose momentum and forget where I left off in research.  This week has been about resettling into a work-from-home routine. You know, meal planning, cleaning, laundry, unpacking, … Continue reading A Short Note

The Schröder Sisters – a Kücks Update

Note:  I have intentionally continued to use the spelling of Ollerrich for the elder and Ohlrich for the younger to help the reader differentiate between which one I am referring to.  The alternate spellings are provided for each family member to help tie them to the typical spelling used in Iowa.  The spelling for Eckhoff is based on … Continue reading The Schröder Sisters – a Kücks Update