Carrie Emery

Carrie Emory was the mother of Edward Gage and the wife of Sumner Gage.  We are at that stage on the Aleck line where there are few public records to be found on women in history.  While many of our maternal ancestors are elusive, there are still places where they hide.  I am ever searching … Continue reading Carrie Emery

Sumner Gage

As mentioned in Edward Gage's post, he did not speak much about his parents to his grandchildren (our grand-parents), but he must have told his children something because they knew enough to name his parents in his obituary and his place of birth as New Hampshire. So, I looked in New Hampshire. The record of … Continue reading Sumner Gage

Edward Gage

Edward Julius Gage comes from an old family.  The surname is found as early as 1630, coming to Massachusetts from England with John Winthrop's fleet.  There were Gage's who fought on both sides of the American Revolution.  I am still trying to prove lineage to the Gage's of the Winthrop fleet.  Like the Rhoades research, … Continue reading Edward Gage