Epidemics – Before there was Zoom

Among the treasures passed along to me by Cousin K was an American Revolution Bicentennial publication by Whiteside County, IA Genealogists.  This was a compilation of stories from many of the older residents recounting life and experiences in their youth.  Great Aunt E  was a member of the group of genealogist who compiled and published … Continue reading Epidemics – Before there was Zoom

New Treasure Trove

Well, my visit with Cousin K was very exciting and everything I had hoped for. I now have my Great Aunt E’s research notes along with all the original photos she used for her publication The Smart Aleck…and more. Even better, I have photos of family that I have never seen. Photos of a young … Continue reading New Treasure Trove

Iowa – A glimpse into the lives of our ancestors

Dorothy Schwieder, professor of history, Iowa State University, wrote a brief summary of Iowa’s history which can be found on the State Library of Iowa’s webpage.  Iowa records June 1833 as the date for the first white settlement.  Iowa became a state in 1846.  Xaver Aleck arrived in the 1850s, and the Gage’s and DeJean’s came around 1880 … Continue reading Iowa – A glimpse into the lives of our ancestors