Newsworthy – A consolidated history

52 Ancestors

Ok, so, the obvious thing to write about with the topic of newsworthy is ancestors in the news. Interestingly, the only two families that made it into the newspapers with any frequency were Hugh Coomer (he who started the paint store c. 1890) and the grandchildren of Daniel Rhoades (through Clarence's line) in Fort Wayne...but … Continue reading Newsworthy – A consolidated history

Handed Down, a problem with DNA

52 Ancestors

DNA, as everyone knows, is handed down from generation to generation. The trick to using this handed down gift of life is to figure out how to use it and apply it to our genealogical research. DNA testing is revolutionizing genealogical research. And wants you to think you can magically get answers to your … Continue reading Handed Down, a problem with DNA

Joel Wood

Joel Wood, like his father, kept a family Bible.  I have not been able to get a copy of it; however, J.F. Vallentine references it in his 1995 Wood Family manuscript and reports that a copy is filed with the Daughters of the American Revolution.  In it, Joel recorded his marriage to Elizabeth Miller (as Ann, marriage … Continue reading Joel Wood

Rosetta’s Madden Family. Facts vs. Family Lore

Rosetta Johnson, third wife of Daniel Rhoads, and our matriarch named her mother as Elizabeth Maydine from France on her brother’s death certificate.  Why?  Well, we will never really know what she thought or understood, but here is a short study of her Madden family. UPDATE 10/4/2021: During a re-review of records I noticed that Daniel was … Continue reading Rosetta’s Madden Family. Facts vs. Family Lore