DeJean Cousins in America

NOTE: Since this family group uses the same batch of names in several generations, with multiple same-named men in each generation, I will identify each man for the first time by his Christian name and birth year, then refer to them as their namebirthyear altogether as one. In my article for Stephen DeJean, I mentioned … Continue reading DeJean Cousins in America

Marian Tucker’s Foster Family

While I mull over how to proceed with my Kuck’s in Germany, I decided to revisit Marian Tucker DeJean (note: I have made some updates to her original article).  She is one of my brick walls and was apparently Myrle Gage Grimes’ as well. When I wrote about Marian originally, I had not noticed a note … Continue reading Marian Tucker’s Foster Family

Iowa – A glimpse into the lives of our ancestors

Dorothy Schwieder, professor of history, Iowa State University, wrote a brief summary of Iowa’s history which can be found on the State Library of Iowa’s webpage.  Iowa records June 1833 as the date for the first white settlement.  Iowa became a state in 1846.  Xaver Aleck arrived in the 1850s, and the Gage’s and DeJean’s came around 1880 … Continue reading Iowa – A glimpse into the lives of our ancestors

Different Language: The language of DNA

Better late than never, right? Initially, ฉันต้องการเขียนเกี่ยวกับภาษาแม่ของฉัน ภาษาไทย. I mean, you can't get more different than between two completely different cultures that had little contact in ancient history and about zero common root words. Not to mention the script! But, I really don't know much more than I have already written about. So, let's go … Continue reading Different Language: The language of DNA