Going to the Library

It’s time to make a big push on some research.  It’s time to look at some records not available online.  It’s time to go to the library.

I love libraries.

But I am going to the mother of all libraries – the Family History Library in Utah.

I have not been able to go back to the library for several years.  I try to go whenever my work travel takes me within driving distance.  And then COVID happened causing my 2020 trip to be postponed. 

The last few times I didn’t have a real research plan.  I thought I did, but not really (not a disciplined plan).  I had goals and a vague idea of what to look at.  I had two or three families in specific areas that I was researching.  And I found some new and exciting information.  This time, I have a plan.  Based on where I have stalled on the following lines, I am going to focus on these records:

Tucker Research targeting the years 1840 to 1860
Herkimer County, NY Guardianship, Probate, and Court records
Herkimer County, NY Vital and Mortality records
Herkimer County, NY Church and Bible records

Cobe Research targeting the years 1810 to 1840
Deed Records for Emmet in Paulding County for 1902 (Just to see what they say, because I’m curious like that)
Simcoe County, Ontario Early Marriage records
Simcoe County, Ontario Court Records
Simcoe County, Ontario Cemetery/Headstone/Monument indexes
Archdiocese of Toledo, Ohio Church records
If time, dip into King’s and Queen’s County Ireland vital and emigration records

Coomer Research targeting the years 1820-1850
Pulaski County, KY Vitals and Marriage records
Pulaski County, KY Land and Probate records
Wayne County, KY Vitals and Marriage records
Wayne County, KY Land and Probate records
Stokes County, NC Early Birth and Civil Court records

I have a more detailed plan to work from, but who wants to see a boring spreadsheet? Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Going to the Library

  1. When are you going?! I visited the library several years ago when I was in SLC for RootsTech. It is immense and slightly terrifying! Hopefully if RT goes back to an in-person conference next year then I’ll be heading back!


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