Rosetta’s Madden Family. Facts vs. Family Lore

Rosetta Johnson, third wife of Daniel Rhoads, and our matriarch named her mother as Elizabeth Maydine from France on her brother’s death certificate.  Why?  Well, we will never really know what she thought or understood, but here is a short study of her Madden family. UPDATE 10/4/2021: During a re-review of records I noticed that Daniel was … Continue reading Rosetta’s Madden Family. Facts vs. Family Lore

Sarah Wood

It has been an excellent week for genealogy research. Many posts ago, I wrote about Rosetta’s grandfather, Charles Madden, and his wife, Sarah Wood.  I had received the lead on them from a fellow researcher who has Madden DNA connections to us.  Charles’ probate record identifies his wife, Sarah.  Their marriage return identified her as Sarah (Sally) Wood. Marriage … Continue reading Sarah Wood


Some members of our family have the distinguished middle name of Woodfin. It started several generations ago with my great-grandfather, a son of Rosetta Johnson and Daniel Rhoads. The origin of this name (to our family) is a complete mystery and I lose sleep (occasionally) over it. My grandmother told my Uncle that Woodfin was … Continue reading Woodfin