Olive Abbott

Olive Abbott was the wife of Isaac Gage (1st).  As with the Gage’s and the Stone’s, the Abbott’s came to America prior to the American Revolution.

Olive was born in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts on 30 March 1760 to “Samuel Abbott and his wife Bathsheba”.  Shrewsburty is a town in Worcester County.  This county’s boundary has changed very little between 1760 and today.

Olive’s record of birth accessed at Ancestry.com, Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988

Her parents and siblings stay in the Worcester County area but Olive marries Isaac Gage (1st) in New Hampshire on 13 April 1780, at the age of 20.  Isaac had ties to Essex County, Massachusetts but not Worcester.  There is nothing to indicate how or where they would have met.

1776 map showing the location of Pelham, New Hampshire (green), Shrewsbury, Massachusetts (red, red outline is the county boundary), and Bradford, Massachusetts (blue, blue outline is the Essex County boundary).  The Gage’s were in Bradford, MA before moving to New Hampshire.  Map image is from Mapofus.com.

Olive was still living at the time of Issac’s death in 1813 as she is mentioned in his probate record specifically as his wife.  Orford, Grafton County, New Hampshire has digitized a transcribed record (made in 1906) that has her death occurring in 1833, but no specific date is provided.  Her burial has not yet been found.

Record of death for Olive Gage accessed on Ancestry.com, New Hampshire, Death and Disinterment Records, 1754-1947.

Many members of the DAR and SAR have claimed Olive as an ancestor so better records probably exist in local Massachusetts and New Hampshire archives.

Genealogical summary:

Olive Abbott was born 30 March 1760 in Shrewsbury, Worcester County, Massachusetts to Samuel Abbott and Bathsheba ____.  She married Isaac Gage on 13 April 1780 in New Hampshire.  Her death is recorded in Orford, Grafton County, New Hampshire as 1833.

Isaac (1st) and Olive had the following children:

  1. Ebenezer (Eben) Gage b. 9 March 1783. Birth record names him as Eben and he uses this moniker most of the time. The probate record names him as both Eben and Ebenezer in the role as administrator of his father’s estate. Some other records also name him as Ebenezer.
  2. Rebecca Gage b. 24 May 1788. She was the wife of Johnathan Pool by the time of probate (signed as one of Eben’s sureties for the probate).
  3. Olive Gage b. 16 September 1790. She was unmarried at the time of probate.
  4. Isaac Gage b. 8 October 1792 (our ancestor)
  5. Hannah Gage whose birth record has not been found, but she signs as an heir of Isaac’s in his probate and is unmarried at that time.
  6. Moses Gage b. 23 July 1794
  7. Aaron Gage b. 29 July 1796
  8. Maria Gage b. 6 June 1798. She is a minor at the time of her father’s death.
  9. Bathsheba Gage b. 3 May 1800. She is a minor at the time of her father’s death.
  10. John Gage b. bef. 1809. His birth record has not been found, but he is mentioned in the probate records as a ward or minor. His birth year is calculated based on the 1810 census.