The Long Break

It has been quite a while since my last post.  Life suddenly went into overdrive.  Blogging took the hit.

Unfortunately, my schedule has also prevented me from doing any new genealogy research.  Until now.

Ok, not research, but a genealogically related visit. My aunt put me in contact with my 1st cousin, once removed, who is the daughter of my late great-aunt who was also a genealogist. Still tracking? This is my great-aunt who published The Smart Aleck and has significantly contributed to my own genealogical bug.

It has been some years since Great Aunt E passed away.  We had written a time or two to discuss our mutual brick walls.  She had somewhat “retired” from genealogy, but had meant to continue to a degree.  I had always meant to visit her, but just could never find the opportunity.  After her passing, I had assumed her research to be lost.  I had always hoped that her children kept it, but was too shy to reach out and ask for it.

Enter Aunt C.  Just last year, she asked me if I would be interested in Great Aunt E’s research files.  Can you imagine my excitement?  Couisin K was hoping to find a home for it, preferably in the family and with someone who would value it.  That would be me.

My work schedule has finally deposited me within visiting distance of Cousin K and I jumped on the opportunity.  This week, I will be getting to know her better in person while we look through Great Aunt E’s files.  We’ve only spoken by phone and I know of her through family.  If I have ever met her, I was a baby.  I hope to gain a few more stories of long-gone family members from a new perspective.

It’s a bonus that a couple of high school friends are also living in the same city so I can also catch up with some old friends!  Double bonus.


One thought on “The Long Break

  1. That’s amazing! I hope that you have a great visit with your aunt and that the research files prove useful/helpful. I’m sure they will be a fascinating read regardless! I am also working through a new-found family connection (which will be blogged about in the coming months) but it’s all a bit … hush-hush at the moment until some DNA tests are done and the results back!

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