My How-To: Demolishing Brick Walls

Sorry, family - you may want to skip this post. I have written about the lines I am using as examples numerous times, and there is nothing new. This post is not about the subject ancestors, but about the process. WARNING: Demolishing a brick wall is not a quick and easy process. It's a days … Continue reading My How-To: Demolishing Brick Walls

Catching Up on Genealogy Housekeeping

With my new rabbit hole called WikiTree, I am taking on the dreaded task of cleaning up my source citations more seriously. This was one of my resolutions for the year which would, by extension, also tidy up my official off-line tree. But, it is much more fun to research, research, research! This will, I … Continue reading Catching Up on Genealogy Housekeeping

A Short Note appears to be trying to return to normal. Work has gotten in the way of my research. It seems my job is good at causing me to lose momentum and forget where I left off in research.  This week has been about resettling into a work-from-home routine. You know, meal planning, cleaning, laundry, unpacking, … Continue reading A Short Note