Therapy in Writing

This is a post that is mostly not genealogical.  It will be the hardest article I have ever written.  And I am doing it for my own therapy so bear with me.  You don’t have to read it. My grandfather and his younger brother, with their dog c. 1930s I occasionally come across family history prompts involving the … Continue reading Therapy in Writing

Piecing together Eleanor Jane Newell Stockford

Dearest family.  I worry that the mechanics of genealogy bore you despite my excitement at being able to extend another line just a little bit further.  So, the first part of this post will be to tell the story of Eleanor Cobe's grandmother, Eleanor Jane Newell, and I hope it is interesting.  Then I will end it with … Continue reading Piecing together Eleanor Jane Newell Stockford

Jacob Roth

The last time I wrote about our Rhoades line, I covered John "Henry" Rhodes who came to Westmoreland County from Bucks County with his entire family (adult and minor children). I have also teased a little about how I connected him to Bucks county in miscellaneous posts discussing the use of DNA in Genealogy research. … Continue reading Jacob Roth

William Wigle – A Change in Direction

It’s funny how genealogy research progresses.  In the case of Mary’s likely father, Jacob, I had little to go on with readily accessible records.  However, due to the lack of other Wigle candidates living in South Huntingdon who were socially near John and his father, Henry, we can make a reasonable leap to Jacob.  The connection was cinched … Continue reading William Wigle – A Change in Direction